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Inventory Compilation

A comprehensive itemised description of the property and its furnishings, fixtures and fittings, together with a schedule of condition which includes walls, ceilings, floors and carpets, paintwork, light fittings, woodwork, windows, radiators etc . Supported by digital images.

We strongly recommend that all properties are professionally cleaned prior to the inventory being carried out.

Start of Tenancy Check In

We produce a handwritten schedule of the overall condition and cleanliness during our on site inspection with the tenant. This is followed by a professional quality comprehensive typed report. We annotate and include digital images of the utility meter readings and list and release the keys to the tenant. The inventory is agreed by Landlord and Tenant, or their appointed representatives, at this point.

End of Tenancy Check Out

At the end of the tenancy we compare the property to the original inventory. We list all changes and categorise them to provide guidance for allocation of responsibility to each observation. As with check in, our handwritten inspection schedule is followed by a professional quality typed report including digital images.

Relocation Support Services

We provide representation at Check In and Check Out for the protection of companies and their relocating staff. Our standard reports can be tailored to the needs of individual clients, including company branding, at no extra cost.

Tailor-made welcome packs are available.

Residential & Commercial Property Inspections

We perform interim inspections for any type of managed property, ensuring that landlords and managing agents are aware immediately of any potential problems. We liaise with the tenant to confirm our inspection and then produce a typed report including digital images within 24 hours.

Vacant Property Inspections

To provide peace of mind to owners, and to comply with insurance requirements, we carry out inspections on vacant properties. Once again, our inspection and the following report are designed specifically for this purpose.